Industry expert Peter Haddock sits with MachineMax CEO Shweta Saxena on the importance of the connected worksite.

Throughout their discussion around the connected worksite, the topics of sustainability, fuel, productivity and efficiency are discussed with a key focus on how equipment management platforms can help solve the challenges these topics present.

Peter Haddock sits down with Dan Leaney, Director of Sales and Operations at X-Watch.

In this episode, Dan and Peter discuss; The safety capabilities of the X-Watch system, their integration with Leica GeoSystems, the connected live machine, and how safety and machine data go hand-in-hand whilst considering the overall impact on the operator.

Welcome to the first episode of The MachineMax Podcast, where we sit with industry experts in ConTech.

In this episode, we sit down with Kate Stephen - Head of Product & Design at MachineMax to gain a deeper understanding of what she and her team are doing to innovate within the ConTech industry, as well as discussing the evolving capability and perception of MachineMax.