Make the most of every machine

Built for

Mobile plant

Static plant


Take control of your fleet

Get a live report of any machine, owned or rented. See if it’s on, off or idling. Finish projects on time with minimal overrun costs.

Cut fuel and rental costs

With a clear view of machine activity, you can reduce idling and stop wasting fuel. Make the most of your existing fleet, avoid buying or renting new machines.

Set up in 1 min

No wires, no engineers. The wireless sensor attaches in seconds using a military-grade magnet, and set up takes just 1 minute.


Set up and start monitoring instantly via the app.


100% compatibility across all makes and models, owned or rented.


All-in-one data collection and analysis. No custom IT solution needed.


Tough and dependable. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, 24/7.

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About us

MachineMax has been created by a dedicated team of engineers, scientists, designers and construction professionals based in London, UK. Backed by Royal Dutch Shell, BCG Digital Ventures and B Capital Group.