Installing my sensor:

  • Locate the equipments battery
  • Take note of the sensor IMEI number on the label and the date and time you are adding the sensor to the machine. You will need this information when onboarding the sensor on the MachineMax Platform.
  • Connect the positive and negative wires to the battery terminals (Black wire- negative, Red wire- positive) Make sure that the connection is secure and will not come loose when the machine is working.
  • Important,to ensure data accuracy. It is advisable to connect the sensor to 24V. Data accuracy may be affected if connected to 12v.
  • The sensor itself (the black box) must be placed in an unobstructed area. If the sensor is deep inside the machine or the battery box, the sensor will not be able to connect to the cellular network and the data will not be transmitted to the MachineMax Platform.
  • Ensure the installation area is clean. Remove adhesive film from back of the device and place the device the correct way up (there is a label on the sensor indicating the correct way up)
  • To make sure the sensor is correctly installed make sure both the 'navigate' & 'status' lights are blinking continuously at the same time.
  • Reminder: please do not stick the device directly onto the battery itself as this will interfere with cellular signal and data accuracy

Extending the sensor wire:

  • Cut both wires off about 6in (Approx. 15cm) from the sensor, splice and extend the wires using the twin core insulated wire to a length needed to afford an external fitment
  • Protect splices with electrical tape or heat shrink
  • Ensure that the wires will not be crushed, cut, stretched or obstruct any moving panels/windows/doors, hinges or access/egress points i.e ladders/steps.
Download install guide