Working @ MachineMax

MachineMax is a well-funded IoT start-up with ambitions to disrupt and transform the construction and mining industries. Founded in 2018 and backed by Royal Dutch Shell, we are looking to expand our small yet dedicated team based in London, UK. And with opportunities across engineering, product and design, operations and sales and marketing, working at MachineMax provides a rare and exciting opportunity to influence the growth of a young company with global reach.

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Our core values

Dream Big

We’re here to change the future of IoT, Construction and B2B services. Believe in yourself and the team. 

Be customer obsessed

Know the customer’s core needs and goals. Constantly gather feedback. Always deliver. Always delight.

Take ownership

Identify your role in our short and long-term goals. Care and voice strong opinions. Act on behalf of everyone. 

Focus on outcome

Outcomes trump intentions, inputs or outputs. Be path-agnostic. Come up with solutions, not just problems. 

Move Fast

Take risks with reversible decisions. Take care with irreversible decisions. Don't confuse the two.

Deliver Quality

Aim for zero defect. Speed is not an excuse for sloppiness. Be detail-oriented, persistent and dependable.

Be a high performing team

Hire people that are better than you.Leverage team diversity. Prioritize collective success. Have fun.

Learn & Grow

Be T – go deep and broad. Keep up to date on industry, technology and the competition. Stay curious.

Adapt & Evolve

Communicate frequently, openly and honestly. Constantly challenge the ‘why’ and ‘how’. Use your judgement. 

Our current roles

Senior Frontend Developer

Full Time