Working @ MachineMax

MachineMax is a well-funded IoT start-up with ambitions to disrupt and transform the construction and mining industries. Founded in 2018 and backed by Royal Dutch Shell, we are looking to expand our small yet dedicated team based in London, UK. And with opportunities across engineering, product and design, operations and sales and marketing, working at MachineMax provides a rare and exciting opportunity to influence the growth of a young company with global reach.

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Our core values

We move fast and innovate

Think outside the box. Simplify & problem solve. Have a growth mindset and insist on high standards.

We're customer obsessed

Deliver and delight. Earn our customers trust, and be dependable and reliable.

We think big & own it

We are thought leaders who disrupt the industry, lead by example and inspire others.

We hire and develop the best

Hire better people than ourselves. Encourage 2nd order thinking and create a culture for a high performing team.

We think from 1st principles

Focus on outcomes not input or output. Understand the root cause and what are reversible vs irreversible choices. Make data driven decisions.

Our current roles

Backend Engineer (UK and India)

Full Time

Business Development Manager (India)

Full Time

Data Scientist

Full Time