About Us

MachineMax is an award winning equipment management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleet, that work with customers to measure key metrics. The metrics providing the biggest initial impact include: utilisation, idling time, fuel consumption, emissions, location, and operating hours. This ensures that sites maximize their productivity, efficiency and profitability.

MachineMax came to life when Shell & BCG Digital Ventures joined forces to revolutionise the heavy equipment industry. We sent a dedicated team of engineers, scientists, designers and industry professionals across the world to talk to equipment managers and immediately noticed piles of paper everywhere. People are still tracking equipment utilisation manually because many machines are not connected to the internet and it's too complex to consolidate the data from all of the different on-board systems for mixed fleets.

So, we decided to build a product which would be simple to use and works on all machines and provides a consolidated single data format. Our mission is to track and improve productivity through enhanced utilisation, providing actionable insights to eliminate excessive idling and cut down on emissions, globally.

3 years later and Shell has become the sole owner of MachineMax. The company will continue to operate as a stand-alone organisation that benefits from being within Shell’s newly formed Sectors & Decarbonisation business, which consists of expert sectoral teams who will offer MachineMax solutions to mining, construction, manufacturing and agriculture customers globally.

Our customers, across all industries, have used these metrics to identify patterns in operational inefficiencies including: too many equipment onsite resulting in under-utilisation, incorrect equipment used for the job resulting in lower productivity, ineffective site layout resulting in idling and excessive travelling, suboptimal operator behaviour resulting in dangerous, and inefficient utilisation.

The MachineMax approach ensures data collected by heavy equipment, can be communicated in real-time to technical teams and management. Focused on learning-based outcomes; we specialise in building secure and cutting-edge products that solve daily challenges and improve industry practice.

Our core values

We move fast and innovate

Think outside the box. Simplify & problem solve. Have a growth mindset and insist on high standards.

We're customer obsessed

Deliver and delight. Earn our customers trust, and be dependable and reliable.

We think big & own it

We are thought leaders who disrupt the industry, lead by example and inspire others.

We hire and develop the best

Hire better people than ourselves. Encourage 2nd order thinking and create a culture for a high performing team.

We think from 1st principles

Focus on outcomes not input or output. Understand the root cause and what are reversible vs irreversible choices. Make data driven decisions.

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