What information can I get from a MachineMax sensor?

We offer 3 sensors:
• MaxActive Cellular and LoRa sensors provide activity in the form of 'on', 'off' and 'idle' These sensors also provide a GPS location once
a day.
• MaxTracker provides live GPS.

We will scope your site and recommend the best sensors for you to get the most value out of MachineMax in your organisation.

How do the MachineMax sensors work?

The sensors are easily attached to your machine within a few minutes. The sensor then monitors the vibration data and is transmitted to our Machine Cloud. The data is then used for machine learning to understand the unique 'signature' of each machine and converts the data into one of 3 states; active, idle, and off.

Where should I place the sensor?

The placement of the sensors depends on the machine - we will take you through the onboarding process step by step to make sure the sensors are attached correctly and data is transmitted.

Can I re-use a sensor?

Yes, you simply change the sensors machine association on our easy to use platform!

How do I install and activate the MachineMax sensor?

The sensors have a quick and easy installation that will take a few minutes. Once the sensor is placed on your machine you add the sensor to the platform and data will transmit within a few hours.

Can MachineMax sensors be installed on all equipment?

Yes. The sensors can be places on all equipment, both old and new. The sensors work with electric machines and petrol/diesel powered machines. The sensors are OEM & manufacturer agnostic so you can have a mixed fleet.

Can I install a sensor on a machine which already exists in MachineMax?

Yes. Machines that exist in the platform without sensors can have a sensor added to them at any time.

How many sensors can I add to one machine?

You can add up to 3 sensors to any one piece of equipment, so for example you could attach a Max Active, Max Tipper & a Max Tracker all to a Dump Truck. You cannot install 2 Max Active sensors though.

Can it be used on rented equipment?

Yes. The sensors are attached using a magnet so it is a non-invasive installation. Rental equipment can be monitored using the sensors.

How long does it take to install a sensor?

This depends on which sensor you are installing, a MaxActive & MaxTipper sensor can be attached to a machine in seconds as it is magnetically attached. A MaxTracker sensor needs to be connected to the equipments battery and so can take around 2 minutes if access to the battery is simple enough.

How big is the sensor?

About as big as a pack of cards. 11.5 x 8 x 3.5cm

How long does the battery last for?

18 months.

What do I do when the battery runs outs?

We will get an alert when the battery is nearing end of life and at that point we will send you a new sensor and assist with setting it up.

What kind of environment can the MachineMax sensors withstand?

-40°C to +60°C temperature. IP67 rated.

Are you CE certified?


How strong are the magnets?

They can withstand a g-force of up to 10g.

Can I turn off a MaxTracker sensor?

A MaxTracker sensor can be turned off by disconnecting it from the equipments battery, the device will however remain powered on until it runs out of any battery stored on it, until this point it will still report data back to the platform.

Can I turn off a MaxActive LoRa sensor?

Yes, a MaxActive LoRa sensor can be turned off via the admin console of the MachineMax platform, or if you have access to the device, pressing the power button 4 times will turn the device off.

Can I turn off a MaxTipper sensor?

Yes, a MaxTipper sensor can be turned off via the admin console of the MachineMax platform, or if you have access to the device, pressing the power button 4 times will turn the device off.

Connectivity & Gateways

Do I need connectivity?

The sensors do need cellular connectivity. We offer solutions for sites with and without connectivity. We will conduct a site assessment to find the best solution for connectivity.

What if I don't have any connectivity on my site?

You can still use MachineMax, we have a wide range of solutions for sites that have low or no cellular connectivity available. Get in contact with us.

What if I don't have any connectivity on my site?

You can still use MachineMax, we have a wide range of solutions for sites that have low or no cellular connectivity available. Get in contact with us.

LoRa Gateways

What is LoRa?

LoRa is a low powered, long range bi-directional communication protocol, specifically designed to connect battery operated 'things' to the internet. It will provide your site with connectivity is there is no cell signal available. For more information check out https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/

Do I need a gateway?

You only need a gateway if your site has poor cellular connectivity available and the site does not already have LoRa network coverage.

How many gateways will I need?

This will depend on the size of the site. Typically the gateway has the range of more than 1Km.

What is the gateway range?

A minimum radius of 1KM.

How do the gateways connect to the network?

The gateways have a built-in SIM card which communicates via cellular network. All you need to do, is turn on a gateway and the sensors will immediately start communicating with it. Chat to us if you don't have cellular connectivity, we have alternative options.

Where should I place the gateway?

Somewhere with a good line of site to the equipment. If you are tracking surface equipment, then the higher the better.

What are the gateway specifications?

You can find the gateway specifications here

What frequency does Lora transmit on?

This depends on the country:
• Europe: EU 863-870 & EU 433
• USA: US 902-928
• China: CN470-510 & CN779-787
• AUS: AU915-928
For more countries please go to https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/frequencies-by-country.html

Do the gateways need power?

Yes, the gateways need a power source. If there is limited or no power available on your site- no need to worry we also offer solar solutions.

What if the equipment is out of the gateway's range?

Some of our sensors can store data for up to a month. When these sensors come back in range with the gateway they will resend all of the stored data.

How do I set up my gateway's?

Gateways are easily setup in around 5 minutes. We provide a full installation guide during onboarding.


What kind of actionable insights do I get from the data?

We tailor the insights to your specific use case. We provide daily, weekly and monthly reporting. We also use Power BI dashboards to demonstrate the value of MachineMax to your organisation.

How long does it take for the machine learning to understand the equipment's data?

We have a machine learning period of 7 days. During this time the platform is consistently updating with more and more data. After attaching the sensor to your machine you will see the data in the platform within an hour.

Can I include other telematics from my machines into the platform?

MachineMax is able to integrate with any telematic that have an API available. Please see the list of integrations available and the data they provide here.We can also integrate with other systems such as fuel management systems, rental management systems, and CMMS platforms.

How do I access the data from the sensors?

There are a few options:
• You can access our platform by logging into www.machinemax.com
• Use the MachineMax API to publish the data to your digital ecosystem
• Download CSV data to create your own bespoke reports

Can I integrate MachineMax data with other systems?

You can use the MachineMax open API's to publish the data to your digital ecosystem.

How to identify if I have data issues with a specific machine through API integration

• Check this machine is reporting on your OEM telematics platform.
• Check you have an active OEM telematics subscription for this machine.
• If you cannot find the machine on the MM platform, check it does not have a different name (e.g. named by serial number).
• If you have checked all the above, contact MM support.

How to identify if I have data issues with all machines from a specific API integration

• Check your subscription to the OEM telematics is active.
• Check if the username and password for the API have changed. (If they have forward this on to MM support)
• Contact the OEM/3rd party to check if there are issues with their API.
•I f still having issues, contact MM Support.


Can I set it up myself?

When a machine is either active or idle. TheSetting up the sensors and gateways is easy and we will provide all the documentation and training needed for onboarding. It is simple enough to do the instalation yourself- however we are always here to lend a hand. ignition is on and the machine is considered on.

What is involved with setup?

Setup firstly involves connecting devices and other data sources like OEM APIs to the MachineMax platform. We then ensure that the data being displayed and collected is providing your organisation with the most value and meeting your success criteria.