Installing my gateway:

  • Attach the back plate to the gateway using the hexagonal screws provided and ensuring the the plate lines up to the assigned numbers in this guide
  • Attach the antennas to the gateway body. The LoRaWAN antenna is the longer antenna is to be placed vertically from its fixture. The 4G antenna is shorter and is to be placed on the top fixture on the left of the gateway body, as referred to in this guide
  • Attach waterproof casing to ethernet cable. Insert ethernet cable into the middle port (RJ45) of the gateway and secure the fastening by turning it to ensure it is watertight
  • Attach the uncased end of the ethernet cable to the POE injector, into the Data&Pwr out slot. Then attach power cable to the opposite end of the POE injector and connect to mains power
  • Attach the provided hoop mount and bolts and fix the gateway to a pole or a mast (as high up as possible). Ensure the main antenna is vertical and facing upwards, gateway should look similar to image provided to ensure correct installation

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