Small change

BIG impact

Offsetting carbon footprint in the construction and mining industries is an ongoing challenge.
MachineMax sensors are the easiest way to eliminate your idling emissions. How? Our equipment management platform provides site managers real-time data and reports to make informed decisions to reduce your emissions and fuel wastage by understanding where idling can be cut across your fleet.
Drive-up productivity and help deliver global change:
  • Reduce emissions: Identify small changes to make a big impact on your carbon output
  • Increase profitability: Real-time reports to eliminate idling and stop fuel wastage
  • Control of your fleet: Get live reports for all your machines, owned or rented
  • Peace of mind: New cellular sensor provides global coverage for all your machines
MachineMax Promise:
In 2020, with the help of Offset Earth for every new machine tracked, we will plant a tree!
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